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Terms and conditions

  1. Room rates include bed and breakfast..

  2. Booking cancellations MUST be made at least fourty eighgt hours before the scheduled check-in date.

  3. You are liable for any damage howsoever caused to the allocated room(s) or to the Hotel premises or property caused by you or any persons in your party (whether or not staying at the Hotel) during your stay.

  4. Room rates shown on the Eron Hotels Website are charged per room per night basis. Meals and Add-Ons are not included..


  1. Pets except for registered guide dogs.
  2. Pillows, bed sheets, duvets or other items of bedding.
  3. Any electrical appliances and/or equipment for heating and/or cooking purposes.

Children stay

No room charge for children under 12 years sharing same room with parents, up to a maximum of 2 children.

All terms and conditions apply.